What Your Clients Are Really Buying From You

Do you know what your clients are really buying from you? Here’s a hint - it isn’t the product/service you’re selling them.

The biggest problem I see a brand has from selling more successfully is not understanding what their client is really buying from them.

Everyone is really buying one thing - the solution to a problem … but if it was just about needing a new pair of pants or website we would all just go out and buy the cheapest, most convenient option.

At the end of the day, people buy experiences that make their life better. Once you understand what your clients really want from, you can speak their language and show them how your brand can give them what they really want!

Sell the solution, not the service.

The truth is that there are infinite options when it comes to clothing brands, restaurants, beauty products, business consultants, etc. So why do people pick YOUR brand?

What is the problem you are solving and why does your client care about that? Craft your brand story around the solution to that pain point!

The mistake I see most businesses make in their marketing messaging is focusing on HOW they deliver benefits instead of focusing on the problem they are solving for their clients.

Businesses want to highlight the features or service offerings that make their product better, but humans don’t buy rationally. We purchase things that make us feel good emotionally and then justify our purchase with rational reasons. This means speaking to a clients emotional needs is where you should start.

The most important thing a brand can do is to give a potential client an experience that shows how they will make their life better.

At the end of the day, if you don’t understand what your clients really want from you, how can you successfully sell to them? I found a this to be very true in my own business.

:: A Real Life Example ::

I thought I was selling brand strategy + website design but I saw a huge change in my business when I realized that isn’t what my clients are buying from me.

There are endless options when it comes to finding a marketing consultant. Why do my clients pick me? Because I help them cut through the clutter of should’s and help them create a business they love instead of one that overwhelms them.

  • Someone to call when they have a random question so they don’t feel alone in this crazy journey

  • Someone who will hold their hand and help them help them make their ideas happen

  • Someone to help them feel like their dreams are do-able (because they usually are)

Putting your ideas into action

When I work with a client to craft their brand story, I start by asking them what they do. This is usually when I start to hear an over practiced elevator pitch about their products, services, or what makes them different than the competition.

But what are their clients really buying from them? The process of figuring that out looks a lot like this:

  • Client: We are an artisan California wine brand that makes high quality wine at a price you can actually afford.

  • Me: That’s awesome, “why does your client care about that?

  • Client: Because they love having wine with friends and talking about life but don’t want to splurge on a bottle of wine for a casual Tuesday night dinner in sweat pants

  • Me: That’s awesome, “why does your client care about that?

  • Client: Because they want to enjoy daily life and not just wait until a fancy dinner to invite a friend over

  • Me: That’s awesome, “why does your client care about that?

  • Client: Because they care about really enjoying their life but also want to live within their budget

  • Me: That’s awesome, “why does your client care about that?

  • Client: I’m confused - what do I do?

  • Me: It sounds like your help people celebrate everyday moments with extraordinary wine

Now it’s your turn. Start to think about what you offer and dig into the real reason your clients want to work with you. How can you craft your marketing message to better speak to what problems your product/service solves?

Are you ready to discover what your clients are really buying from you?

Need Extra Help?

If you’re feeling stuck and want some extra help, you can always Schedule a Strategy Session with me to work through why your business is awesome and what your clients are really buying from you so you can start sharing your brand story with the world!


Erin Brennan

Erin Brennan is a Creative Consultant in San Francisco, CA who helps you grow your income + impact by standing out from the competition and connecting with your clients through compelling brand messages and strategic marketing. {Creating Brand Strategy, Brand Management, Business Strategy, and Strategic Marketing Plans, Squarespace Design}