7 Ways to Create Great Content

As kids, my sisters and I didn’t exactly like eating our veggies (shocker right?).  Now you’re probably wondering what my childhood eating habits have to do with your marketing content, so let me explain.

Just like getting children to eat their vegetables, getting clients to consume your content (and like it) can be equally challenging.

Creating a successful marketing message is the balance between “tastes good” and “good for you.”  So how do you make a delicious but nutritious marketing message?

A Lesson From Dear Ol’ Mom

My mom is a one smart cookie (food pun intended). Instead of fighting with us day in and day out, she decided to use a little creative thinking to get us to eat those bad tasting but oh-so-good-for-you foods.

By spending time time thinking about what WE wanted, she was able to package the foods so we would want to eat them. AKA instead of force feeding us tofu and brusell sprouts, my mom would melt tofu into her sauces so we never even knew it was in our food.

In the end we were happy and healthy - win-win for everyone involved!

Are You Force Feeding Your Clients?

So many companies have a fabulous message that they are “force feeding” to their clients.  It doesn’t do you any good to have a great message that your clients don’t want to “eat.”

If you have great valuable content that your clients don’t want to consume, my guess is that it has to do with the packaging!

Simple edits to the formatting of an email or newsletter can make the message so much easier to digest. And when in doubt pick your battles - you can only ask your clients to consume so much information.

Traditional marketing is telling the world that you’re a rockstar. Content marketing is showing the world that you are one.
— Doug Kessler

Create Marketing Your Clients Can Digest

1. Make a List

Figure out what is working, what is not working.  Then decided what to include or exclude.  Sometimes seeing everything organized in a list will make the answer jump off the page.  If not, at least you are organized! 

2. Presentation means everything

You put thought into what you want to say but how much thought is put into the delivery of the message?  What can you do to make your message come across even better?  Don’t just throw your marketing out into the world or mindlessly update your Facebook status, take the time to make it look or sound appetizing.  

3. Don’t be afraid to customize

Sometimes something simple like a handwritten thank you note or personalized email (everyone hates getting templates !!!) can make the biggest difference.  Afterall, store-bought cakes look extra delicious out of the box and on your beautiful cake stand.    

4. Break down your message into bite size pieces 

You don’t need to tell your clients every detail all at once.  Find the heart of your message and break down the details into manageable pieces.  Seriously, who wants to eat an entire pizza in one bite??  

5. WHAT you say is just as important as HOW you say it

Try saying the same thing in a totally different way – the problem might not be the content but the delivery of your message.  Usually the simplest version of what you want to say is the most effective.  Don’t feel pressure to make it fancy, just say what you mean.  

6. Don’t compromise or dilute your message

It doesn’t help anyone in the log run.  No one likes a wishy-washy message … after all, meltable tofu is still tofu.

7. Don’t Lie … No seriously, Don’t lie

Always tell the truth, just tell it in a way people can hear it.  Don’t conceal the facts, but maybe tell them from a different view-point.  Need a new way to say something?  Use the Thesaurus.  

Good content is not storytelling. It’s telling your story well.
— MarketingProfs

Great Content Speaks For Itself.

Instead of dressing up your message I suggest you invest the time, money and resources to create a strong brand that sells itself.

After all, if you saw your marketing, would YOU be able to digest it?


Erin Brennan

Erin Brennan is a Creative Consultant in San Francisco, CA who helps you grow your income + impact by standing out from the competition and connecting with your clients through compelling brand messages and strategic marketing. {Creating Brand Strategy, Brand Management, Business Strategy, and Strategic Marketing Plans, Squarespace Design}