SEO Audit + Upgrade

1 WEEK :: $750


Do you know how your clients are finding you or what they do on your website once they get there? Does the idea of keywords and google analytics make you break out into a cold sweat?

Now is the time to say goodbye to SEO Overwhelm because knowledge is half the battle.

Once you understand what is and is not working with your website search engine optimization you can get started making changes to improve how clients find you.

During our session Erin turned the swirling mess in my head into a clear architecture for my updated website. I absolutely LOVE the new site and there’s so much momentum in my business now.
— Lauri S., Business Owner

What You Get

Overhaul your website’s SEO to increase organic search and get found by more clients

Google Keyword Report

  • What words are people using to find you?

  • How well do you rank for those words?

  • Are those the words you want to rant for?

  • Content ideas to utilize the best keywords and also connect with your clients.

Includes Keyword Research

  • What are the most searched words with the least competition?

Traffic Report 

  • How are people using your website once they get there?

  • Where are they coming from?

  • What is the most popular content on your website? 

SEO Audit + Updates

  • Uncover and update issues that may be affecting your SEO like image size, page title, broken links, site speed, and more?


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