One Treasure Island

I worked with One Treasure Island to overhaul their website and make it more user friendly. They had a ton of great information that needed to be organized for a better user experience. By overhauling their copy and adding some lifestyle imagery, we were able to better tell their story. 

Some of the things we added:

  • Online Event Calendar

  • One Click Email + Form Submissions

  • Icons and lifestyle imagery

  • Titles and page formatting to make it easier to read

  • Integrated their existing donation process with their website so the user never had to leave the site

Erin Brennan

Erin Brennan is a Creative Consultant in San Francisco, CA who helps you grow your income + impact by standing out from the competition and connecting with your clients through compelling brand messages and strategic marketing. {Creating Brand Strategy, Brand Management, Business Strategy, and Strategic Marketing Plans, Squarespace Design}