Erin Brennan

Idea Scientist. Gypsy Soul. Brand Strategist.

I’m in the business of helping people make their ideas happen, which means I basically have the best job in the world. I believe in helping people build brands that create connection, add value to the world, or solve a problem.

Marketing is a big world which can be overwhelming. My work is based in psychology and linguistics more than the latest social media trends.

Creativity is a muscle and I love any chance to brainstorm and collaborate on new ideas. Especially when it means supporting entrepreneurs who have a big crazy idea they want to share with the world.

When I’m not working, you can find me walking my dog James, drinking a glass of wine, or looking for any opportunity to use my passport.

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Kristie Yung

Singer. World Traveler. Marketing Magic Maker.

You’ve got an awesome business, a game-changing cause or a brilliant idea. All you need now is to tell people about it. But how?

As a strategist, I work with social impact brands to help their vision come to life with tailored messaging that inspires action. We put those words to work by developing unique marketing plans, tailor-made to engage your specific audience.

As a writer, I craft copy for websites, advertisements, public relations and editorial content.

I’ve spent the last 10+ years of my professional career managing brands, teams and social impact campaigns to help my clients better understand who they are and which communications tools best fit their unique needs.