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Digital Marketing


It's frustrating to wonder where the next client is coming from, to work with clients who aren't exactly ideal, or to constantly be trying to promote yourself. 

From positioning to pricing, email marketing to social media … it’s no wonder the world of modern marketing feels more like the danger zone than your growth zone.

I’ve seen first hand that the right plan can save your years (and tons of hard earned money) in wasted efforts. My goal is to help you wave goodbye to marketing overwhelm so you can stand out from the crowd with purpose + passion.


Erin gets what you are saying before you even finishing saying it and has formulated a plan for action. It’s a combination and thrilling and exhausting to see how fast she moves and how much she gets done.
— Heather Box, Co-Founder, Million Person Project

what we can work on

Together we’ll identify your secret sauce that makes you stand out from the competition and create clear, compelling digital marketing campaigns that tells your brand’s story (and most importantly resonates with your ideal client).

This Plan Is Right For You If …

  • You are overwhelmed where where to invest your time and money or just don’t know where to start

  • Have big growth goals for your business

  • Are a go getter, but need some help setting a direction so you can hit the ground running

  • You are willing and able to put the time and resources into creating solutions that work