Empowering women to come together, champion each other, and use their voice. Change the narrative by rewriting our story, because change starts with us.

Women On A Mission is an interview series where strong women share the lessons they've learned about the sometimes messy, sometimes amazing journey of finding your way as a woman.

The health and wellness of the world depends on the empowerment of women.

Women are 30% more likely than men who negotiate to receive feedback that they are “bossy,” “too aggressive,” or “intimidating” when they negotiate for a promotion or increased compensation. 

Only 11 percent of creative directors are women despite women being expected to control two-thirds of consumer spending in the U.S. over the next decade.

Women age 18-34 are nearly 80% more likely to like, share, comment and subscribe on an empowering ad and twice as likely to think highly of the brand.

Meet The Women On A Mission

Don’t let others tell your story - write your own.  

Something magical happens when strong women come together to lift each other up. From moms to millennials - we need to own our voice. The journey isn't always easy, but it's easier together. 

When we own our voice and see ourselves as enough, the world will do the same.  Because if we aren’t going to  write ourselves as the heroine of our story why should someone else do it for us.

Be messy. Be complicated. Be wrong. Be YOU


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** It takes a village to bring an idea to life. Special thanks to some of the people who made this possible - I couldn't have done it without you! Brooke Byrand: PhotographySarah Arimura: Photography, Laura Harrison: Set Design