What People Are Saying

Within just 30 minutes, Erin was able to extract exactly what my vision was and then was able to take the vision and clearly define a perfect marketing message.
— Ryan B.
Our company is so much better off for having worked with Erin, and I can’t recommend her branding and marketing expertise highly enough.
— Chris B., Crushhub

Erin has fantastic ideas, great strategies, and she’s really easy to talk to!  She lays it all out and helps you figure out what would be best for YOU.  

This is not some blanket formula, one-size-fits-all type of branding.  She really goes above and beyond to cater to your needs, wants, desires... and then shows you how to make it a reality.
— Angela G., Photographer

Working with Erin Brennan is one of the best investments you can make in developing a purposeful and powerful brand management strategy.
— Caroline J., Caroline Jordan Fitness
From the beginning she was able to work within my budget and really listened to what I wanted to get out of her services.

— Donna P., Five Element Acupuncture

She has completely transformed the way that I look/plan for social media marketing and when I have a new idea or direction I want to move my business in she is the first person I call.  

Erin has not only helped me create a communication plan, get a clear and focused target market, and establish brand-identity, but also makes me feel like I have someone in my corner supporting me in growing my business into what I want it to be.  I can’t recommend her highly enough!
— Ariana P., Solopreneur

I have been working with Erin for two years and she is extraordinarily gifted. I have worked with her on three different company brands - from copywriting to email marketing campaigns we’ve had great success as a result of her guidance.
— Kelli A.
Erin’s focus on clarity and frameworks in our first meeting alone was worth her fees for the entire project - and she’s since earned her worth many times over.  My business has taken off thanks to Erin.
— Jeff R.

Working with Erin is fast and exciting. She gets what you are saying before you even finishing saying it and has formulated a plan for action. Work with her when you are ready to get things done. Come to your sessions prepared because Erin can implement like a rock star.

She built our website in a matter of hours.  She set up a whole new look, cut video from our youtube, pulled copy from our old website and facebook and wa-lah - our new site was ready. It’s a combination and thrilling and exhausting to see how fast she moves and how much she gets done.
— Heather B., Million Person Project

By defining how my company can add greatest value in the marketplace, Brennan Brand has proved its own value ten times over. Not to mention we’ve had fun through the whole process.
— Kirsten I., Consultant
After our first phone call it was difficult to understand how it would be like, and then not only we achieved all of our goals but also exceeded my expectations on what could be done in 2 hours.
— Catalina R., Nearshore Systems

Because you can’t see your blind spots! Erin is fantastic to work with. She can help your business grow in so many ways: uncover what parts of your brand are being communicated and what parts aren’t, develop a detailed strategy for attacking your goals and reaching your target audience, define & organize your social media voice, and so much more.
— Emilie L., StudioMix

Erin is bright, energetic and personable and has a vast array of business and marketing knowledge to share.
— Shira G., Shira Gill Homes
After one month of working together, my income rose by 40%. She nearly doubled my business. I can’t say I can ask for more results than that!
— Suzannah S., Executive Coach

After being in business for 4 years, Erin stepped in to help me pinpoint my marketing goals and completely nailed it! She has been such a fantastic resource for me in terms of coming up with new ideas and then - the hard part - putting together a plan that will help me actually succeed in implementing those ideas!!

It’s amazing how she can spend an hour or two with you and completely transform herself to be a part of your business.
— Brooke B., Brooke Bryand Photography

Erin was able to quickly identify our strong points and weaknesses helping us refocus our business for maximum productivity.   It was a crucial step for us and Erin came through big time!
— Cameron H., Fan Page Direct
I’m at the helm of a fledgling company, working to clarify our vision and Erin was awesome. She gave really direct, clear, constructive feedback, provided good exercises that nurtured the articulation process.
— Sara D., Ellie Glad

Erin’s abundant energy and enthusiasm, combined with her vast knowledge and skills in modern day marketing helped me turn my jumble of ideas into a well structured business, that I’m proud to call my own.

She sees the big picture so clearly but can also break it down into the smallest components that always feel doable.  Erin can even make tasks exciting and fun.

Erin considers all of my thoughts and concerns, while keeping me on target and in line with my goals.  She can switch from a creative brainstorming session to a detailed process in the blink of an eye, without leaving me behind.
— Loryn B., Vocal Coach