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You might be the best at what you do but that doesn’t mean people are knocking down your door to hire you for your services. Imagine being able to communicate your value to your clients. 

Ditch the cookie cutter marketing checklist everyone else is using and infuse your brand with your voice, your goals, and your personality. 

After working together, I now know what my business and I stand for. This has given me a foundation to write a few speeches, participate in podcasts and create deeper content for my blog.
— Laura H., Less Mess More LIfe

Free 30 minute Strategy Consult

How Clients Use Strategy Sessions

  • Sales Training
  • Elevator Pitch
  • Speech Writing
  • Book Proposals
  • Marketing Campaign
  • Website Audit
  • Idea Generation
  • Blog Writing
  • Content Strategy
  • Brand Messaging
  • Social Media
  • Logo Design
  • Design Feedback
  • Client Engagement
Within just 30 minutes, Erin was able to extract exactly what my vision was and was able to take the vision and clearly define a perfect marketing message.
— Ryan B.

What You Get


"Erin has been brilliant at helping define our brand identity and craft a marketing strategy.  She kept a constant focus, both from a brand as well as a product perspective, on what resonates with our target user."

Chris B. Crushhub

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Marketing PLAN

"I have been working with Erin for two years and she is extraordinarily gifted at what she does - from copywriting to email marketing campaigns we are having great success as a result of her guidance."

Kelli A., Multiple Brands

Social Media

"Erin has completely transformed the way that I look/plan for social media marketing and when I have a new idea or direction I want to move my business in she is the first person I call."

Ariana P., Solopreneur


Not only did we achieved all of my goals but also exceeded my expectations on what could be done in 2 hours.
— Catalina R., Nearshore Systems

Free 30 minute Strategy Consult