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My presentations are ideal for conference keynotes, workshops, offsites, leadership retreats, webinars, and women’s network events. Depending on your needs and audience I can customize my presentation by partnering with you.

By sharing my personal story as well as practical tools and tips for creating change, I work with you to create an experience that inspires and empowers others. 

I would highly recommend Erin as a Keynote speaker! She spoke at our conference and the girls were mesmerized.

Erin was able to get even the most shy girls to come forward and participate.
— Sherry Peterson, Soroptimist International Conference Chair



  • Be The Author Of Your Own Life - Identifying and pursuing ways to live life on your own terms
  • Plot Twists - What to do when life doesn't happen the way you expect 
  • No One Cares About What You Do - How to use psychology and communication strategies to connect with your clients to grow your business 

Speaker Bio


Erin is many things: A creative consultant. Idea scientist. Gypsy Soul. But more than anything, she is determined to help people create projects and lives on their own terms. 

On any given day you can find her challenging the status quo. Whether it’s taking on what she calls “bullshit marketing” or empowering women to find and use their voice, she is always asking “what if there was no right answer?” 

For the last 7 years she has been helping entrepreneurs and companies create compelling communication strategies to connect with their clients.  Recently she launched a podcast Women On A Mission that explores the amazing + messy journey of being a woman who is 100% unapologetically herself. 

Erin is bold, unapologeticly vulnerable, and fiercely honest. Above all else she value transparency, boldness, finding your voice + doing epic sh*t.


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