Here are some of the products, services, and websites I used to make this experiment possible.


fit bit

Using Fit Bit Flex 2 to track my activity, sleep, and movement. The 2 key factors to my experiment are nutrition and movement so I wanted something that was reliable to capture all the data I needed. I chose the flex 2 because it was waterproof so I could track my swimming and because the tracker comes with accessories so I could switch it to a gold bangle if I wanted to dress up or when I go to work.

Screen Shot 2016-10-23 at 4.56.26 PM.png

insiDe tracker

In order to really know how my body was changing and processing energy I need to track blood biomarkers. I could have gone to my doctor to get bloodworm done but I love that Inside Tracker allows any individual to optimize their health by understanding what is going on through detailed blood work. 


my fitness pal

To track my daily nutrition I am using My Fitness Pal - not only does it log my calories, it tracks my macro nutrients and syncs with my fitbit. You can download it in the app store.

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my keto calculator

To help me figure out the right macro nutrients for my experiment I used My Keto Calculator.


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Some people use kept strips to test their ketone levels but I wanted to be more precise so I ordered Abbot's Precision Xtra blood monitor with Ketone Strips. If you are looking to monitor your ketones, this is the way to go.


Quest nutrition

Even though I plan on doing a lot of cooking, some days just get busy so Quest Nutrition is there with keto foods on the go.