Whether you are an athlete looking to optimize your health, chronically ill and desperately seeking answers, or just want to understand how to take care of your body, I hope you'll join me as I experiment with the Ketogenic diet. 


What I'm Doing

TRUTH: Everything your body does requires energy.

TRUTH: Every choice you makes either adds to your energy resources or takes away from them.

TRUTH: There are multiple energy sources available to use. 

UNCERTAINTY: What happens when I choose to run solely on one energy source. I want to know what happens if I use Ketones instead of Glucose.

MEASUREMENT: Weekly progress updates with objective (blood biomarkers) + subjective (symptoms) measurements to determine progress. 

Why I'm Doing It

I've spent 18 years trying to understand how the body uses energy in an effort to heal myself. My goal is to understand if my cells run better using ketones as an isolated energy source instead of glucose. 


Why You Should Care

Disease starts with broken cellular biochemistry. Most diseases are affected by you cell's mitochondrial health so even if you don't have a mitochondrial disorder, you should care about the health of your mitochondria.

LAUNCHING Feb 1st, 2017



This experiment is based on using Ketones for energy instead of glucose. So what exactly are ketones, why should you track them, and how does this ketogenic diet entail anyway. 

Resources + Tools 

Want to know what I'm using during my experiment and where you can find more information? I'll show you.


Why sould you care about energy?

Where does it come from and why should you care about how your body uses energy anyway? I'll give you a hint - it is at the foundation of a lifetime of health and it starts with your mitochondria.


Getting Started

If you want to know how I got prepared and how I running the experiment, here are the questions I'm asking and the steps I'm taking to get started, prepare, and track the experiment. 


WEekly Progress

Check in for updates about how the project is going. I'll be sharing lessons, recipes, and updates on the metrics I am tracking.