Suzannah Scully {Women On A Mission}

Podcast Host. Speaker. Well-Being Blogger.

Suzannah is a beam of sunshine who lights up everyone and everything she touches. She has dedicated her life to seeking answers and inspiring people that great things are not only a possibility, they are in fact part of your journey if you are brave enough to just say yes. Which is where Suzannah comes in.

To say meeting Suzannah changed my life would be an understatement. I first met her in 2010 when she convinced me to start my own business. Since then she has been by my side pushing to dream bigger, supporting me in all my endeavors, and reminding me to look for the signs all along the way. 

In Her Own Words:

Who I Am: I am a mother of two young children who equally light up my life and exhaust me. I am the wife of a man who inspires me and luckily shares a love for a lot of the same things as I do - playing with dogs, hiking the Marin trails, dancing to a EDM DJ in Las Vegas and watching Game of Thrones.

How I Got Here: I began my career climbing the corporate ladder for ten years before I jumped ship and moved to Italy where I worked as a waitress in Rome with my sister for a year. When I returned I got my coaching certification and hung out my shingle as a life coach. Since that day, I have helped hundreds of brave souls as they explore who they are and what they want. Those clients have spanned the spectrum from people straight out of college to seasoned executives at the top of their career.

Through it all, I have been humbled and incredibly grateful that they have allowed me to walk with them on their journey and allow me to guide them to achieving their dreams and vision.

What I Do: I host a podcast called Cosmos In You where I interview leading thinkers about the nature of our reality and how it affects our daily lives. Most days you can find me coaching leaders within large organizations to lead their teams more effectively and authentically. I also speak to large audiences where I provide both philosophical and practical guidance to helping thought leaders to achieve their vision.