Jennifer Sparks {Women On A Mission}

Cheerful. Compassionate. Lifestyle Entrepreneur.

I first met Jen on the set of a movie we were both acting in. It has been so amazing to watch her on her journey of not only finding her voice but finding her passion as an advocate for the health and well being of others. 

As females it isn't always easy to step out of the typical career path - from acting to entrepreneurship Jen has taken big risks, leaps of faith, and always followed her heart and what she knows to be true. If that isn't the definition of happiness I'm just not sure what is.

Who I Am: I’m a free-spirited woman who loves to connect with likeminded people that have a passion for enjoying the quality of life!

What I Do: I’m a health and lifestyle entrepreneur with a 43 year old global company, Enagic. I educate others on a life changing technology that can enhance the quality of life physically, mentally, and financially. We need all 3 to have TRUE health.

So many lives are being hindered due to ailments of the body or stress from their job. If I can make a difference in someone's life, help them be healthier so they may spend more time with their loved ones, then yes that is my mission. 

What I Love: Travel, meeting new people, and exploring the beauty this world has to offer. Which is another reason why I love what I do. I get to take my business wherever I go, and have the time freedom to do so. 

How I Got Here: A few years ago I made a discovery that has been a game changer in the health and wellness of others. I discovered that ionized water has some unique anti-oxidant, alkaline, hydrogen rich properties that filtered and bottled water does not offer. These unique properties are absolutely foundational for maintaining or regaining health and preventing disease. I want to end as much disease and suffering as I can and I believe that together we can make a change in the health of people all around the world.

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