Heather Box {Women on a Mission}

Writer. Activist. Story Coach. 

When Heather walks in the room everyone knows it. She is a force and has dedicated her life to helping others tap into their personal power. Her laugh and energy are not only really fun to be around, they are also contagious. 

I first met Heather Box in Costa Rica at a 3 week think tank where she pushed 33 strangers to share their life story.  Little did I know that with her encouragement I would soon be creating a project for all women to share their stories. 

Q&A With HBox

What are you most excited to share with the world?  Personal storytelling. Working with people to uncover and own their truth and be themselves, to be all of who they are.

What is the lesson you wish you could go back and teach yourself?   I would have told my teenage self to stay open. I was so open and so consumed with the magic of the world back then...I noticed small things like shadows in my room and how outside smelled different at different times of day. I lost that somewhere along the way and now I have been meditating and reading every self help book on the planet to get it back. It is working little by little, but I wished I could tell her that is like the whole point of life, having your mind and heart open enough to take in everything going on around you. 

What part of your work do you enjoy the most? Getting to deeply connect with people.

What’s are your favorite life hack? Not starting work until noon on Monday - LIFE changing.

How do you start and end your day?  I start and end my day snuggling with my partner Julian Mocine-McQueen - the man with the softest back.

What does balance look like? Not having every minute planned.

What does doing things differently look like to you? Letting my days be guided by how I feel and not what I “have” to do.

What is your message to the world/Entrepreneurs/Mothers/Girls? Be all of who you are.

What most excites you? Watching someone own their story and finally share their story with the world! Sometimes people are saying things out loud that they have been covering up for decades. There is such freedom in being the truest version of yourself. It's hard and embarrassing and risky sometimes, but for me, it's always worth it. 

How do you handle the hard parts of marching to the beat of your own drum? Therapy. Spiritual support. I can get really existential and feel alone and overwhelmed in the world. I can feel like it is all meaningless and we are just walking blood buckets that can just get squashed by a bus at any second. Therapy helps me a lot.

Who or what has been the biggest catalyst/impact on who you’ve become? My spiritual business coach Rha Goddess. She has helped me to see that there is no limit on what is possible. And if I want it, I can build it.

What is your favorite quote? Well, it is actually a poem by Hafiz.

The Subject Tonight is Love

The subject tonight is Love. 

And for tomorrow night as well,

As a matter of fact

I know of no better topic

For us to discuss

Until we all