Are you declaring energy bankruptcy?

Energy is what your body uses to work, think, create, move, and live.

Everything we do either adds to or takes away from our energy bank account. Good night of sleep = energy deposit. Stressful day at work = energy withdrawl.

It is up to us to be experts at managing our own energy - but the truth is no matter good you are at managing your 401K - you probably didn’t learn a lot about how to manage your energy bank account. 

I’m talking about needing an afternoon coffee or a power nap - I’m talking about how your body processes energy on a cellular level. Because while we might not think about our cells very often - energy and overall health starts and stops in your cells.

If you’re like me you vaguely remember high school biology so let’s break it down.

Modern lifestyle is no easy thing. While we may have the luxury of electricity, scented candles, and cell phones, we also live at a pace that our bodies can’t sustain.

Most of use know we should eat our veggies, workout, and meditate but most of us also don’t do those things. Seriously, who has the time ?!

So we work long hours, get a morning and an afternoon coffee for a pick me up, an evening glass of wine to wind down, stare at our screens long past bedtime, don’t get enough sleep, wake up and do it all over again. Not to mention the daily stress of bosses, children, rent, romance, relationships, and the pressure to succeed.

No wonder our body systems are going crazy. We’re in a constant state of fight or flight. 

Whether you have symptoms of disease or not, whether you’ve recovered or there is a diagnosis in your future, by not understanding how our lifestyle choices are affecting our bodies damage is being done.

If you’ve been burning the candle at both ends I hope this can open your eyes to the damage you’re doing to your body. Hopefully you can make a change before your energy bank account has to declare bankruptcy. 

The good news is you have a choice. My goal isn’t to overwhelm or shame you for your lifestyle choices but to empower you to understand so you can choose how you want to live knowing exactly what affects its having on your body.



Editor’s note: This post is part of The Energy Experiment - it is based on personal experience and shouldn’t be taken as professional or medical advice. Talk to your doctor before starting or stopping any medication or dietary changes. One of the deeper reasons I am doing this experiment is that I have been affected with a mitochondrial disorder and I wanted to see what if any effects the ketogenic diet would have on my symptoms.