Feeling alone is creating miscommunication, conflict, and unmet expectations in your relationship leaving you feeling undervalued.

For most of us, our relationship is the most important part of our life. But it's amazing how many people walk around feeling alone, disconnected or unseen in their relationships.

At the end of the day we all want to feed loved and cared for, but sometimes we get in our own way and need help identifying and changing our patterns.

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— Hope K.

A New Kind Of Therapy

Nothing is more exciting to me then seeing 2 people work together to find the happiness they so deeply crave. It is such a privilege to be invited into the intimacy and vulnerability of a couple's relationship - and not one I take lightly. 

I'm in this with you and am invested in your success as individuals and together as a couple.

Often times therapy has a stigma attached to it. I have seen couples who didn't want people to think they "had a problem" or people who expected a scary emotionally disconnected therapist taking notes while they lay on a couch.

My process is based in science so you aren't spending months and months aimlessly talking on a couch (although there will be talking) - together we uncover the truth within and are able to track and measure our progress so you learn how to get back on the same team.

it starts with ...


having the right tools 

You're already trying to get the love and connection you want - but if it isn't working maybe you aren't using the right tools.


Getting real with what's happening

There is a truth within/underneath.

When your needs aren't being met it is easy to let anger, blame, and defensiveness into the relationship.

Have you caught yourself telling you're best friend or partner "you never" "or I always" ... put the kids to bed, plan date night, send flowers.

You get what you give

People usually call me because they want to feel or receive love. Fundamentally love starts with being able to step into the other person's shoes and seek to understand.

People through words like Empathy and Vulnerability around - but channel your inner Brene Brown and really try to understand where your partner is coming from. Everyone wants to feel loved and when we don't it can lead us to attaching our partner or expecting love on our own terms.

Together we untangle the true feelings to find a way out of the anger and back into loving healthy relationships. After all, you're on the same team!

How Can I Help You?

  • experience more intimacy and connection. 

  • Understand when your partner reacts in anger or blame there really hurt underneath / afraid / sad.

  • See your partner as different from how you have come to see them.. As the bad guy.. Help them to see more clearly the vulnerability and fear/concern. 

  • Learn how to respond with atonement and empathy. 

  • Assess your relationship history and attachment history and how that affects the present and gives you more choice and empowerment.
  • Identify your problematic "types"/ who you tend to get attracted to and stuck with and how to be able to recognize it and link it to the past.
  • Explore dating process and deconstruct it, find the patterns and issues that come up in the dating process. 

  • Explore expectations, fantasies, reality and clarify what is fantasy and what is real or realistic.


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— Claire C.

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Proven Methodology

What I have come to know and understand about relationships is that while each one is different, resolving conflict is the same for each.

This trusted process is adapted to the needs of each couple while also uncovering the common blocks and obstacles that come from living life together.



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