Athlete: A person who is trained or skilled in exercises, sports, or games that require physical strength, agility, or stamina.

But being an athlete is a mind set. We are all athletes if we choose do be. 


Being an athlete isn't just about what sport you play. It is about how hard you train.

Because training isn’t about the winning touchdown - it’s about showing up. Everyday. 

Training is about endurance, motivation, and effort. It’s about sore muscles because you chose to take it to the next level. Remember, pain is temporary, but pride in what you do is forever. 

It's not where you start, but where you finish. So don't accept "good enough" as good enough. You deserve better than that.

This is why we train. 

Being an athlete isn’t about how many championships you’ve won. It’s about how you get back up when you fall down. How you win and how you lose. How you did deep to find the motivation to show up Every day. Even when you’re tired. Even when it hurts. Even when you don’t want to.

Because adversity tests your character. Everyone makes mistakes in life. It's what you do after the mistake that counts. If winning were easy, everyone would do it.

People fall down. Winners get back up. Because toughness is a choice and losing is not an option.

This is why we train.

The results start when you do. The harder you practice, the luckier you become. 

Sweat. Bleed. Cry. Whatever it takes, just do it. 

Every body is an athlete if they chose to be. What separates you from others is your effort. and effort is attractive. This is why we train.

Desire. Effort. Discipline. I can and I will. 

When we are here we are athletes. We push limits.

Being an athlete is a mindset. And it means never settling for good enough. 

This is why we train.